KCHP Social Media Policy

The Communications Committee is responsible for the regulation and maintenance of KCHP’s participation in social media.  Social media describes online tools used to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, thus facilitating conversations and interaction online between groups of people.  These tools include blogs, message boards, podcasts, networks, and communities. Examples of social media applications include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, HigherLogic and Linkedin. The Communications Committee will post, monitor communications among members, and ensure content of value to KCHP members.


The scope of the Communications Committee responsibilities include:

  1. Provide accurate and timely information about KCHP that is easily accessible.

  2.  Maximize the effectiveness of social media as a tool for recruitment and retention of members.

  3. Provide oversight by reviewing social media content to ensure it conforms to the mission of KCHP.

  4. Periodically review the social media policy and procedure and make changes as needed.

Social media content:

  1. The Communications Committee is responsible for oversight of posted content.

  2. The administrators of the social media accounts will ensure that content is current, accurate, and authentic.

  3. KCHP reserves the right to delete comments that contain profanity, selling or promoting a product, spam, or contain material that is unlawful, hateful, threatening, harassing, abusive or slanderous.

  4. KCHP will respect patient privacy and refrain from posting identifiable patient information.

  5. KCHP will post the social media code of conduct on its website to make members aware of acceptable behavior and content.

Content maintenance:           

  1. Administrative privileges shall be the responsibility of the Communications Committee Chair, select committee members, the KCHP president and select management company staff.

  2. These privileges include postings, maintenance and deletion of content in accordance with content oversight as stated above.

  3. The Communications Committee Chair shall be the primary contact person for social media accounts.

  4. The Communications Committee is responsible for monitoring compliance with this document when it receives reports of complaints about possible breaches.

Social Media Code of Conduct:

  1. Posts and comments should be meaningful, accurate, credible, and professional.

  2. Be respectful to others. Users that engage in sexual, racist, defamatory or otherwise socially unacceptable behaviors are subject to being blocked from KCHP social media accounts.

  3. Respect proprietary information and confidentiality (including but not limited to copyrighted materials).

  4. Disclose conflicts of interest.

Vendor Conduct:

  1. KCHP will not like or follow pharmaceutical companies to prevent potential conflicts of interest.

  2. KCHP is not responsible for other content shared by other social media users.


KCHP reserves the right to remove any postings of content that are deemed inappropriate.

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