2022 Outgoing President's Message - Carolyn Huninghake, PharmD, BCPS

Good afternoon to KCHP and MSHP members, colleagues, and friends! Thanks to Kat for recording and congratulations to the new Fellows – personally, hearing about all of the amazing work completed is so motivational and I appreciate all of the time spent in helping make KCHP what it is today!

it’s hard to believe it’s already time to be giving my outgoing presidential speech. I had multiple people tell me that the year would go fast – but I’m not sure I thought it would fly by as quickly as it did. Brian – consider yourself warned! I am so honored and grateful to have had the chance to serve as KCHP’s president over the last year. While COVID continued to provide challenges, the perseverance of our members, our board, and pharmacy staff within the state continued to amaze me during my time in this role.

Last year I discussed finding KCHP’s “new normal”, leveraging and growing technology as a resource while balancing the need for in-person connections, and supporting membership. During our strategic planning session last summer, we identified goals to pursue – maintaining the central focus around three priorities – advancing pharmacy practice through advocacy efforts and professional development opportunities, enhancing communication to our membership, and engaging with our members. With all plans, unexpected circumstances pose the need for adaptation and adjustment. Additional COVID surges made for another year where mere survival of our day-to-day lives seemed like a considerable effort.

However, despite all of the obstacles, I am so proud of the work KCHP has accomplished this year and work completed to meet our strategic goals.

One area of growth I want to highlight includes the expansion of the KCHP Communications Committee. The KCHP Communications Committee Chair Cassidy Dixon, committee members, and Jim and Donny of Q&A, worked to provide growth on all spectrums of social media. KCHP has also continued to maintain utilization of eblasts for quick updates to members. I am very proud of the work this group accomplished this year and am excited to see the continued progression in the future.

Professional development opportunities continued to be a priority for our organization. The KCHP Preceptor Bootcamp this year brought over 140 people together to discuss candidly diversity, equity and inclusion. The speaker panel put together to help facilitate the discussion presented information that will continue to set the stage for additional conversations around this very-important topic in the years to come. I am also excited that KCHP will be hosting our 2nd Kansas Pharmacy Residency Conference in May – our first in-person conference since the beginning of the pandemic. The work surrounding that conference continues to be ongoing, but I know it will be a success.

This past year also brought forth opportunities to grow our advocacy efforts – with the support of Chris Bell, Jeff Little, the Governmental Affairs committee, and many KCHP members, KCHP was able to bring forth the voice of pharmacists across the state in standing up for our profession. When initial legislation was brought forth questioning a pharmacist’s ability to use clinical decision-making when filling prescriptions, our members across the state were up to the challenge. Countless letters to legislators and trips to the Capitol were all pieces that helped allow our voices to be heard – and as of the closing of the last legislative session, the bill was no longer being discussed. Thanks to all who played a role during a concerning time – I truly believe your voice helped prevent the bill moving forward.

A leader is only as successful as their team. The pursuance of our goals as an organization was possible because of the incredible group of individuals that make up our team.

First – to Kat – your continued leadership and guidance this past year has been such a gift and I can’t thank you enough. Your friendship has also continued to provide support as well, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. I am sad your time on the board is coming to a close but KCHP is a better for having you on the board.

Brian – your passion for the profession is contagious, and I know you are going to be a great President and thought-leader this next year. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish. And thanks for helping me start my path with the little blue bird.

KCHP Board members staying on for another term – Frank, Matt, Chris, Molly, and Katie (in your new role as President-Elect): You all have been great to work with and I know that you will continue strong work over the next year, as well. I’m excited to see what you will continue to accomplish.

To our outgoing board members: Kelsie – you have been a great district director and your time and effort to help the communications committee grow has been very much appreciated. Joe - Your years of service to KCHP have helped us succeed, and your willingness to step in to a District Director role this year is appreciated more than you know. I think I had a unique advantage this year of having two past-presidents on the board looking over me, and for that, I am grateful. Kyle and Jonas – thank you for your time and best of luck in your upcoming rotation year!

Jim and the Q&A team – thank you for all of your continued efforts to help make KCHP successful – the success of this event and others is because of your help.

Thanks to Saint Luke’s for supporting me in this role, including my manager and co-workers. Thanks to the wonderful leaders I have had the chance to meet during my journey thus far – I feel extremely lucky to be learning from some of the best.

Moving into this role as a full-time working mom has definitely not been easy, but I want to thank my husband and boys for supporting me through this journey. To my Dad, Mom, and sister – I have always felt supported, even from a distance, and am eternally grateful.

I have grown a wonderful support network of friends, including our Kansas City pharmacy friends group – our monthly dinners have provided more support than you all know. Can’t wait for more adventures ahead.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as KCHP’s President, and look forward to seeing this organization continue to grow and thrive. I now have the privilege of handing over the next year and the next part of our presentation to a great leader and friend, Brian Gilbert.

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