KCHP Strategic Plan

The KCHP Board invites you to learn more about the 2020-21 strategy to improve experiences for Our Patients, Our Members and Our Organization!  Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to advance health-system pharmacy in Kansas.

Current Strategic Plan (1-pager)

Our Patients

Strategic Priority:  Advocate for changes in laws, regulations and standards that will improve patient care.

Goal 1: Engage membership through education of state and national policy process

Goal 2: Position the Governmental Affairs Committee to achieve organizational goals

Strategic Priority: Advance pharmacy practice in hospitals, health-systems and ambulatory care settings

Goal 1: Establish methods of identifying, sharing and recognizing innovative practices and accomplishments across all settings

Goal 2: Provide professional development opportunities for KCHP members

Our Members

Strategic Priority: Enhance communications to meet the needs of our members,patients and collaborating partners

Goal 1: Increase member awareness of KCHP accomplishments and opportunities

Goal 2: Continue enhancement of website and social media

Our Organization

Strategic Priority: Utilize resources effectively

Goal 1: Enhance utilization of Finance & Operations Committee

Goal 2: Ensure each Board position has a clear role and responsibilities

Strategic Priority: Inspire member engagement

Goal 1: Maintain a high level of member satisfaction to grow organization membership

Goal 2: Establish KCHP as a consistent resource for health-system pharmacy technicians

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