KCHP Strategic Plan

The Board invites you to learn more about the 2023 - 2023 strategy to improve experiences for Our Patients, Our Members and Our Organization! Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to advance health-system pharmacy in Kansas.

KCHP Mission: The Kansas Council of Health-System Pharmacy is committed to advancing public health by promoting the safe and appropriate use of medications through advocacy and education.

KCHP Vision: Medication use will be safe and effective for all people in Kansas.

Current Strategic Plan (1-pager) - PDF Version

Our Patients

Strategic Priority: Advance pharmacy practice in hospitals, health-systems and ambulatory care settings

Goal 1: Advocate for laws, regulations, and standards that will improve patient care

(Governmental Affairs Committee/Director of Governmental Affairs)

Task 1 – Collaborate with local, state and national organizations on legislation impacting patient care

Task 2 – Provide advocacy education and updates quarterly to membership

Goal 2: Increase patient awareness of health-system pharmacy (District 1/Student reps)

Task 1 – Provide patient outreach and education with diversity in mind (target underserved populations)

          • Vaccine drive, KCHP Day at free clinics, etc

Task 2 – Highlight different roles of the pharmacy workforce via website and social media

Goals 3: Encourage completion of ASHP’s 2030 Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) self-assessment

(Past President/President/President-elect)

Task 1 – Identify PAI champion and leadership team to educate and communicate campaign

Task 2 - Establish baseline completion and set goal for increased completion percentage

Task 3 – Provide incentives for reaching goal

Our Members

Strategic Priority: Enhance opportunities to meet the needs of our members, patients and collaborating partners

Goal 1: Continue enhancement of KCHP website and social media presence to foster communication as well as member engagement (Past President/Director of Education/Technician)

Task 1 – Develop and maintain consistent recognition strategies for students, technicians, residents, and pharmacists

Task 2 – Provide access to educational resources and professional development

Goal 2: Advancing member wellbeing and resilience (District Directors)

Task 1 – Create a Well-Being Committee

Task 2 - Utilize ASHP’s toolkit

Our Organization

Strategic Priority 1: Inspire member engagement

Goal 1: Establish KCHP as a consistent resource for health-system pharmacy technicians, students, and residents (Technician, President, District Directors)

Task 1 – Grow technician membership and roles, and identify ways to highlight technician members

Task 2 – Identify roles within the organization to engage student, resident, and technician membership

Goal 2: Collaborate with other organizations and interprofessional healthcare members (Director of Education)

Task 1 – Identify opportunities to promote and strengthen the pharmacy profession and workforce

Task 2 – Invite interprofessional healthcare members to participate in events, campaigns, advocacy efforts, etc.

Strategic Priority 2: Maintain effective financial management

Goal 1: Increases sources of revenue (Treasurer/Exec Manager)

Task 1 – Develop new and unique sources of revenue to support member needs and sustain financial viability

Task 2 – Leverage technologies, processes, and techniques to promote financial sustainability

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