KCHP Fellows Program

Fellow Application Guidelines

Application Deadline:  February, 15th. 

I.          Purposes 

The Kansas Council of Health-System Pharmacy’s (KCHP) FKCHP Recognition Program serves the following purposes:

  • to recognize excellence in health system pharmacy practice; and
  • to grant recognition and to promote public awareness of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have distinguished themselves within KCHP.
II.           Authority
The FKCHP Recognition Program shall be conducted under the general authority of the KCHP Board of Directors. The Board shall approve all regulations pertaining to the operation of the Recognition Program.

    III.          Governance 

    FKCHP Recognition Committee: Function and Responsibilities

    The Recognition Committee shall consist of the President-Elect, President, and the two most recent Past Presidents for the years 2021 – 2023.  Beginning in the 2024 award year, the responsibility will be transitioned to the KCHP Foundation Board.

    The following specific responsibilities, with respect to the FKCHP Program include:

    • to review and approve recognition eligibility criteria and, in general, to provide quality assurance for the program;
    • to recommend for approval applications for recognition of individuals
    • to recommend to the Board of Directors any future changes in these Guidelines.

    IV.          Criteria for Recognition 

    Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Application

    • Current practitioner member (pharmacist or technician) of KCHP and sustained membership in KCHP for at least seven years; and
    • At least seven years of professional service to health system pharmacy practice. For the purposes of this program, the seven year period starts from the time of licensure (pharmacist or technician) and includes the residency period. It must be met prior to the application deadline; and
    • A record of outstanding service to the profession through contribution to KCHP.

    Additional Eligibility Requirements for Application

    In addition to the minimum eligibility requirements, there are other criteria that determine eligibility for Fellowship. These are not mutually exclusive of the above minimum criteria. Candidates are accepted for Fellowship based upon demonstration of meeting the minimum eligibility requirements and a combination of the following additional criteria. Successful candidates will have demonstrated achievement in each of these criteria:

    • Demonstration of sustained commitment or contributions to excellence in health system pharmacy practice.

    Interpretation: In fulfilling this criterion, it is expected that the level of demonstrated contribution reflects commitment and excellence in health system pharmacy practice. The candidate must provide sufficient documentation that a level of excellence has been achieved through sustained contributions to the advancement of pharmacy practice. Please include your level of involvement in any program or project (e.g. committee member, project lead, etc.).  The following may be submitted as evidence:
      1. Development, implementation, or enhancement of systems or programs that resulted in an improved level of practice; or
      2. Conceptualization of new or improved practice methods and models; or
      3. Examples of sustained achievement in providing patient care services; or
      4. Research that made a positive impact on pharmacy practice in acute and/or ambulatory care settings.
    It is recognized that these factors are not the exclusive basis upon which to determine excellence, other evidence that addresses this criterion will be considered.       
    • Contribution to the total body of knowledge in hospital and pharmacy practice in acute and/or ambulatory care settings.
    Interpretation: The following may be submitted as evidence:
      1. Publication of scientific or professional papers on relevant topics of pharmacy in refereed journals (coauthor is acceptable); or 
      2. Publication of a textbook or chapters in a textbook(s) on some relevant aspect of pharmacy; or
      3.  Posters presentations at national, regional, state, or local pharmacy meetings.

        • Involvement in and commitment to educating practitioners and others.
    Interpretation: Each candidate must be actively involved in educational programs. The following may be submitted as evidence that the candidate has met the criteria:
        1. Making presentations to healthcare practitioners at national, regional, state, or local educational conferences; or
        2. Precepting students or residents; or
        3. Mentoring staff; or
        4. Educating and training technicians; or
        5. Educating the public.

      • Demonstration of active involvement and leadership in KCHP.
      Interpretation: Candidate must support the profession as evidenced by a record of consistent and active involvement and leadership in KCHP. Some examples of activities in which a candidate may have participated are as follows:
          1.  Served as an elected official of KCHP; or
          2. Served as an elected ASHP delegate on behalf of KCHP; or
          3. Served on a KCHP committee, task force, or ad hoc group; or
          4. Served as a sustained volunteer leader in other significant KCHP activities and programs

        II.           Designation of FKCHP Recognition Status

        A candidate achieving recognition shall be designated a "Fellow of KCHP" (FKCHP).

        III.          Application Process

        • Members of the KCHP Board of Directors are not eligible to apply during their term of office.  Members of the KCHP Recognition Committee are not eligible to apply.
        • Those interested in becoming a candidate may download documents from the KCHP website.
              1. Specific eligibility criteria, guidelines on interpretation for those criteria, and any additional pertinent information shall be included with the application.
              2. All completed applications will remain confidential. Materials submitted in support of a candidate's bid for recognition status shall not be received by anyone other than the members of the FKCHP Recognition Committee or others involved in the review process.
              3. Only information requested in the application will be received by the FKCHP Recognition Committee. Additional information such as samples of published work, etc. will not be considered.
              • Completed applications, including all supporting materials that address the specific criteria outlined for recognition status, are submitted to KCHP no later than Friday, March 1st.  Only information contained in the application will be considered. The applicant has the burden of establishing that the criteria have been met. An application may be amended, expanded, or supplemented at any time until it is submitted to the FKCHP Recognition Committee; thereafter, no changes can be made.
              • Acknowledgement of receipt of the application shall be sent to the candidate.
              • The FKCHP Recognition Committee renders its decision based on the application materials and the criteria for recognition.
              • Knowledge of proven conduct unbecoming a Fellow of KCHP may be considered by the Recognition Committee
              • The candidate will be notified of the FKCHP Recognition Committee decision following approval by the KCHP Board of Directors.

        Approved by the KCHP Board of Directors on January 8, 2021

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